World NETWORK for Systemic Economic Engineering

As a real-life process, Digital Transformation of Economic Science represents the establishment and maintenance of a world network for systemic economic engineering. In its essence, this is an educational and scientific research system that creates and disseminates new quality knowledge for managerial modeling of the economy of the enterprise, making it available for commercial and end-user practical application. This knowledge is in the form of a unified theory, terminology, and holistic ERP technology. A key part of this knowledge is the knowledge to develop, evaluate, and certify holistic products in the areas of business software, business consulting, business auditing, industrial re-engineering, and industrial engineering. This part is key, as many new products will inevitably emerge in these areas claiming to be bearers of the new quality knowledge. However, they must be subject to justifiable scrutiny. A practice that currently does not exist in modern economic science.

The realization of the Digital Transformation of Economic Science goes through establishing a comprehensive system that unites the real industry with the scientific-educational system in one highly efficacious mechanism. The goal at hand is the mass dissemination of new quality knowledge for managerial modeling of the economy of the enterprises for machines both among the currently working personnel and among those who have yet to enter the labor market — students. Moreover, this system must be subject to constant quality control to prevent the acceptance of unsound knowledge without scrutiny.

This platform enables cooperation between the world’s industry, political, scientific, and media elites in laying the foundations and then establishing a World Network for Systemic Economic Engineering, thus realizing the new path in the history of the future — Digital Transformation of Economic Science.