Digital Transformation of Economic Science

Vision for a New Road in the History of the Future

Understanding the need for a Digital Transformation of Economic Science as a Vision for a New Road in the History of the Future requires a deep comprehension of the many disregarded evident facts. At first glance, many of them are shocking and even unimaginable. For example, one of those disregarded evident facts is that economic science is at a medieval level of development compared to the level of development of medical science. Another such fact is that even the most highly paid and prestigious consultants in managerial modeling of the economy of industrial enterprises have absolutely no idea what the principle setup and way of functioning of an enterprise for machines is.

The book “Digital Transformation of Economic Science: Vision for a New Road in the History of the Future” is a platform for reaching a mutual understanding of a set of problems that pose enormous threats to the future of our world — threats including a nuclear apocalypse.

More importantly, this platform presents a vision for a completely new road in the history of the future. A road that envisions solving this set of problems through the reformative knowledge known as “holistic business model ontology” and the creation of a new generation of machine engineers called “systemic economic engineers.”

The cooperation among all stakeholders involved in this platform is in the form of contributions and refinements of the current version of the book until reaching an approved final version. A collaborative version of the book carrying the message of Digital Transformation of Economic Science.