Business Model Ontology: The Basis for Digital Transformation of Economic Science

Business model ontology is a concept that has acquired wide popularity mainly through its market success. By its nature, this concept of Business model ontology means a schematic and formulated description of the principle of operation of the enterprise for machines examined as a systemic object bearer of the characteristic subjecthood.

The implementation of a Digital Transformation of Economic Science would be impossible without a true, holistic business model ontology that would become the sought-after new quality of fundamental scientific knowledge of economy. Subsequently, it should be able to serve as the cognitive basis on which to form the educational programs of “systemic economic engineers” and also as the basis of the new generation of holistic ERP systems. A true holistic business model ontology would be capable of transforming the industrial economies of all the countries in our world.

The book “Business Model Ontology: The Basis for Digital Transformation of Economic Science” presents a comparison between two existing types of business model ontology — one, the work of a professional economist, while the other, the work after 20-years of effort, of the Bulgarian Institute for Systemic Economic Engineering. For this purpose, the book presents the comprehensive theory of the business model ontology of ISEE in three parts.

The cooperation among all stakeholders involved in this platform is in the form of contributions and refinements of the current version of the book until reaching an approved final version. A collaborative version of the book carrying the message of Digital Transformation of Economic Science.